Brand of EFfective and PROfesional Services
for property and real estate tailored to the client’s individual needs and preferences.


Currently EFPROS provides a wide range of services related to facility management of more than 400 residential buildings, many polyfunctional buildings, offices, embassies, private investors and many other clients in Bratislava, Pezinok and Stupava.


EFPROS service presents a whole service solution required for day-to-day real estate maintenance, delivered by trained staff in a uniform with professional equipment, quality control and personal approach as well as forthcoming of our company management in a case of any complaints or new incentives.

Service overview

EFPROS team offers: periodical real estate cleaning and washing, real estate deep cleaning and washing, garage and parking space cleaning, greenery maintenance, winter maintenance, purity and hygiene care of the real estate and its surrounding as well as reception service 24/7/365.

Our services


We provide periodical cleaning and washing of a residential buildings, non-residential premises and offices, distribution of hygiene materials and extra cleaning.


Garage cleaning service

We offer complex cleaning care for garages and parking spaces, deep cleaning and washing with a floor cleaning machine for any floor type, parking and storage spaces, cleaning and removing layers of oil, dirt, and grime from parking spaces and garage floors as well as cleaning of installation pipes.

Greenery maintenance

We deliver complex greenery shrubbery maintenance, spring, summer as well as autumn greenery maintenance, revitalization and winterizing of gardens and plants, garden architecture as well as garden design, installation and maintenance of irrigation systems.


Winter maintenance

We provide winter emergency services 24/7 during the winter season (November – March), winter maintenance such as snow clearance (manual as well as mechanic), ice cutting and gritting service.


We provide all wall painting services, including painting on a different household materials and surfaces, complex preparation of the object, assessment and evaluation of the current state, purchase and delivery of materials, property security, professional realization, submission of work and warranty for painting.


Special services

Special cleaning and individual cleaning of different surfaces and materials to meet the client’s requirements, application of standard as well as specific and extra specialized cleaning detergents, precise finalization in the form of surface polishing.

Our partners

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