Garage cleaning services

Deep cleaning of garage, parking and storage spaces

Complex deep cleaning of garages

  • Deep cleaning and washing garages with floor cleaning machine for any floor type, parking and storage spaces
  • Cleaning and removing layers of oil, dirt, and grime from parking spaces and garage floors as well as cleaning of installation pipes
  • Garage floor vacuuming and sweeping
  • Removing dust from walls and vertical areas
  • Removing dust from lights and their remote controls
  • Removing dust from pipes and installation leads
  • Cleaning of garage doors, including the entry gate and entrances to the garage
  • Cleaning of garage windows and skylights
  • Removing dust from fire extinguishers and fire hydrants in garage spaces
  • Cleaning of reflective safety garage elements
  • Cleaning of garage drains
Garage cleaning


Professional and deep machine cleaning of the floor and garage accessories